+ For mailboxes, street signs, and real estate posts



The Decorative Rose Bracket is a perfect accent to you sign system. This piece is great for your sign frames or real estate posts.

  • Color: White or Black
  • Dimension: 10.25” x 8.5” x 0.765”



The Post Knuckle, similar to the Decorative Base, slides over a 4” x 4”. This elegant piece adds decoration to your vinyl sign frame or real estate post. Installed with vinyl glue, the Knuckle can be placed easily over the post for a simple but distinct look.

  • Slide over a 4” x 4” post
  • Easily installed with vinyl glue
  • Only available in white



The Decorative Base is a simple yet easy way to add a different look to your sign. Sliding over a 4” x 4” post, the base is easy to install and give a unique look to your sign.

  • 18” high
  • Fits over a 4” x 4” post
  • Only available in white


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