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Remember when social media was fun?

Updated: Mar 11

Remember when social media was fun? When you first put together your Facebook business page or came up with your Instagram or Twitter handle?

It was fun right? Getting new friends or seeing how many followers you had? Checking it almost hourly to see if anything had changed? Coming up with new and clever posts or tweets? Documenting every detail of your business…

Now look at us. Posting just for the sake of posting, or forgetting to update from Christmas and now it's Memorial Day. Social media is supposed to be fun! Not work or some obligatory check on the to-do list like brushing your teeth or making the bed.  

So have some fun doing it!

Marketing your business can be tough–you know your business is great, you think everyone else should automatically know that too! Unfortunately not everyone does.  And if you don’t use social media to help it stand out no one really will.

Because social media is currently the way to get information for just about any business (there is more than one teenager and possibly millennial who do not know what a phone book is), keeping posts and tweets fun and simple will keep your business in the front of customers minds. So the next time they are looking for a service you provide they will remember your catchy logo or fun hashtag or photo.

Social media CAN be fun! Because YOU are fun! And so is your business!


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