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The right content for your website and social media accounts will generate more leads to your business.



No time to figure out how to do that?  Don't worry!  We'll do it for you!  You just focus on your business.




​Attract the right client for your business and set yourself apart from your competitors.


Most customers start their purchase process online.  That's why it's important that they find your website.  But finding your website is only half the battle. If it wasn't, then you could easily list your business in magazines or newsprint and voila' your store would be full.  It's not that simple!  You must stand out from your competitors.


That's where we come in!  We set you up on social media as "the popular kid" and someone everyone wants to buy from.  We also use your blog to set you up as the expert and this combination works to get you more business. 


No time to figure out how to do that?  Don't worry!  We'll do it for you!  You just focus on your business.

Content Management for Social Media and Blogging

What is the process?

After you sign up, an Account Manager (AM) will get to know your company brand, who your ideal client is and then take that information to our team of designers and business marketers. We then come up with your first set of social media posts and blog articles.

After the first month, we assess the results and change anything necessary. Most of the time we're spot on right from the get-go. However, continuous auditing of your account attributes to your success. So, we do it.

What do you post and create?

Our goal is to set you up as the expert in your field, so more customers purchase your services. Therefore, everything we design, post and write is with that goal in mind.

Social Media Posts: We do NOT post "salesy" material. Our posts are videos and experience-based photos that create emotions or experiences. We write tips, trends and ideas that set you up as the expert. We also cross-promote with other professionals that you work with to assist your customers in their purchasing process (if your business calls for this).

All of our posts have "non-salesy" call to actions that stimulate the sales process.

Blog Articles: Every blog article is written in a way that touches the reader emotionally while setting you up as the expert and apart from your competitors. We don't do "salesy."

Plus, each blog article is written with local SEO in mind as well as call to actions and that's what turns window shoppers into paying customers.

Email Newsletter: At the end of the month we take the links to your blog articles and create an email newsletter in your Constant Contact or other CRM account. The subject line makes an emotional connection with the reader as does the email content. Direct links to your blog articles throughout the newsletter stimulates the next step down the sales funnel.

Since there are book now call to actions in your blog articles, getting readers to your blog is our goal with the emails.

Is this a long-term commitment?

Kind of. When our clients become exclusive clients, our packages are discounted at 10% or more off normal rates so they range from 6 months to a year commitment. Your account will auto-renew, and billing is monthly, but you may cancel with a month notice at any time. However, while you can cancel early and come out of auto renew, canceling early does mean you will be billed for the remaining contract to fulfil your agreement. In order to continue to receive any type of discount, you must be paid in full and will need to enter into another commitment.

Is the content generic?

NO! Every piece of content is created specifically for your brand and the type of clients you want to attract. Plus, all of the blog articles are 100% and original.

How do you ensure that your blog topics and social media content is what our customers are looking to read?

We use Google's keyword generator to see what topics your customers are searching for online. Then use those keywords as your blog title to ensure that our titles are search engine friendly.

After that, we write the content using the keywords to ensure that the proper ones are included so that search engines pay attention to the content.

Voila! The content we add to your blog is search engine ready and what your clients are searching to read online.

Do you spend that much time on curating online content? Don't worry! We do!

What happens to the content if I quiet?

Nothing! What we post stays on your account unless you remove it. We don't do anything with it.

Do you have a guarantee?


We guarantee that the marketing efforts for our EHMG clients will result in additional fans on your Instagram and Facebook pages as well as email opens and clicks to your blog.

Our EHMG services guarantees at least 150 clicks to your website from our highly targeted efforts. We don't guarantee how many sales you'll get from this because we don't know your sales skills. However, we do guarantee the traffic.

We require a six-month commitment for our guarantee to be valid and it is not valid to non EHMG clients.

How often may I contact my Account Manager (AM) with questions?

As much as you like. We believe that the client/manager relationship is the most important one in our line of work. Call, email or text your AM anytime you like. Just know we're USA based and on EST so your specific AM may be sleeping, but they will get back with you ASAP. Please note: if you need technical support or consulting from your AM, they will need to bill you separately or send you to one of our specialists in that field.

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